Rosie's newsletter: #2

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Hi friends,

Happy new year 🥂

In my last newsletter I said I wanted to publish more: I’m pleased to say I’ve posted something everyday since then! It was hard at times, but I'm really trying not to let perfectionism get the better of me. Like this newsletter, it’s a pretty eclectic bunch of stuff, both in form and content, but I hope you find something of interest.


Choosing a blogging platform

Actualism: When it pays to accept second best

My 2020 annual review process

Complementary habits

Interstitial journal: first day back at work

Cat poetry

A question on my mind

Is the placebo effect real?

More context at the link.

What I’ve been watching/reading/listening to

TV: Upload

Podcast: Skeptics with a K

Book: The Vanishing Half

TV: Murder on Middle Beach

App recommendation

In my never-ending quest to find a good read-it-later workflow, I’m cautiously optimistic about Matter. It’s kind of a cross between Pocket and Twitter: you can save and highlight articles, but also follow writers and share comments. They’ve just added a Readwise integration, so you can export your highlights and annotations to Roam/Notion/Markdown/etc. I was lucky enough to get in the private beta, but they also have a waitlist you can join.

What is your read-it-later workflow?

Food discoveries

What’s next?

I am always delighted to receive your reactions, comments, and pet pics. Just hit reply :)

Until next time,


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